Soca 2016 Trinidad Carnival Mix

Soca 2016 Trinidad Carnival Mix starts with a road mix of Soca Monarch 2016 winner Aaron Voice St. Louis’s cheers to Life and a socaplate from Bunji Garlin. This podcast is 1 hour and 20 minutes long and has 51 songs. It . Didn’t see your favourite song? Then perhaps it was in Soca Primer 2016 Mix.

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MultiSymptom Sonita Lyrics

MultiSymptom Sonita Lyrics details the lyrics of the megahit “Sonita” which was produced by Jamelody. Multi expresses his love for his wife “Sonita” or “Sunita”, presumably an Indo-Trinidadian woman. The track has been branded as “Chutney Reggae” because of its use of hindi. However, when the lyrics are translated; it means ” you are my betee (daughter) , my little baby and I will be your beta (son)!”  which is weird for a husband/wife conversation. Everyone will agree that the track is mega hit. Good Luck to Multi and remember to support Local!

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Reggae Mix 2016

Reggae Mix 2016 celebrates the resurgence of Trinidad reggae. The majority of this mix features old and new Trinidad Reggae and the usual hits from Jamaica. Always remember to support your local artistes. The artist featured is MultiSymptom and also features hits from my family’s favourite reggae artist Jamelody. One love.

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