Anand Yankarran Greatest Hits Mix

By | October 1, 2017

Dj Floops TT celebrates the life of one of Chutney Music‘s Icon in Anand Yankarran Greatest Hits Mix. The singer passed away due to a heart attack at the age of 51 on January 2nd 2017. Although he is gone, his legacy will live on through his musical contributions to indian culture. While you are at it, why not check out Babla & Kanchan Greatest Hits Mix.

Anand Yankarran Greatest Hits Mix

Anand Yankarran

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Track List

Nanda Baba Ji.
Zindabad Trinbago (Stag Jingle).
Maitoe Laiyaa.
Nanadiya Pusur Pusur.
Yea Bhaithi Modh.
Salona Ray Dahiya Piyo Sham.
Chatak Gayi Roti.
Mu-ow-lu Jan Giyakay.
Dhamak Damma Damdam Dholak Bajai.
Rum Kill The Bhai.
Pakpaklal (Chatak Matak Invasion 2014).
Guyana Kay Dulaha.
Kaisay Tum.
Janay Moha Sham Hamara.
Soch Samag Abhimaan.
Rang Dhal Ke Mohanwa.

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Anand Yankarran Greatest Hits Mix

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