Chutney Wedding Waistbreakers Part 6

By | October 1, 2017

Chutney Wedding Waistbreakers Part 6 focuses on living legends of chutney music like Adesh Samaroo, Rooplal Girdharrie, Heeralal Rampartap and Devanand Gatoo. It is the 6th installment in the Chutney Wedding Waistbreakers Series where you can listen to some of the hottest chutney songs of all time. See track list below for more details. You can also check out parts 54, 3, 2, and 1.

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Table of Contents


  1. Adesh Samaroo – Pitbull
  2. Rakesh Yankaran – Chahe Baazi Lagauw
  3. Sam Boodram – Dulha Puwhalla
  4. Sonny Mann – Charai Layo Gaya
  5. Suresh Maharaj – Bombay Ke Dulahin
  6. Rooplal Girdharrie – Dhaiya Pegai
  7. Rooplal G – Kanganwaray
  8. Adesh Samaroo – Bahena Bahena
  9. Heeralal Rampartap – Lewwo go Mayaro
  10. Devanand Gattoo – Bring Down D’ Water
  11. Adesh Samaroo – Who Guh Marry Yuh
  12. Adesh Samaroo – Rum Till I Die
  13. Rooplal G – Baboonwa
  14. Devanand Gattoo – Sare Shaher Chali
  15. Dandaya Narine – Ratiya Posoor
  16. Bhaigan Waale – Danadeya Narine
  17. Suresh Maharaj – Pumpin In De Sand

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Chutney Wedding Waistbreakers Part 6

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