Damini Chutney 2013

By | October 1, 2017

Damini Chutney 2013 is the first original chutney release by Dj Floops entitled Damini. This is Dj Floops TT‘s first ever song that was produced and sung by him. The song  tells of a man’s  love for a girl from Sangre Grande.

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Damini Chutney 2013

Damini Chutney 2013

Damini Chutney 2013

It was sung in classic type chutney style with hindi elements. The bass is quite pumping and the percussion are sure to get you dancing. It has a tassa break that get the larkis gyrating.

This song was featured in the Trinidadian Newspaper, Newsday on Saturday, June 1 2013. Read it online below.

It won second place in the 2013 Regional Chutney Competition.

Newspaper Feature Text Version

DJ Floops (Jason Sookram) has added a new weapon to his entertainment arsenal.

The avid music lover says appreciates all genres of music. However, he laments its current state, both locally and internationally, “It’s like(artistes) have lost their creativity, there is no subtlety in the lyrics anymore,” he says.

Growing up, DJ Floops says, he marveled at the songwriting skills of the Mighty Sparrow, his favourite being “Lying Excuses”.

“That was a clever use of innuendo. Everything now is so ‘oversexed’ and in your face, I feel sorry for my brain cells,” he says.

DJ Floops thinks the genre that has suffered the most is chutney. “I am ashamed to tell people I sing chutney,” he says. “There is no respect for the rum, sex and horn crooners.”

Hoping to make a positive impact, DJ Floops has thrown his hat into the chutney arena. In February this year, he recorded his first chutney single entitled “Damini.” He entered the first ever chutney segment of PetroKaiso and although he had been singing for only one month, he placed second, narrowly missing out on the coveted first prize.

An original composition, “Damini” was written and arranged by DJ Floops. The song was launched on radio in late April on 103 FM.

“I hope people embrace me, if not me, then my music. I could raise the level if given the support!” DJ Floops says.

He hopes to enter the soca game as well and has set his sights on Carnival 2014.

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