Drinkers of Aquafina, Dasani, Nestle and Evian ingests thousands of microplastics daily

By | March 18, 2018

According to a report by Business Insider, Orb Media has pointed out that major bottled water brands, including Aquafina, Dasani, Nestle and Evian all have tens, hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of microplastic particles floating in their products. In the Orb study researchers reportedly sampled 259 water bottles purchased from 19 different locations in nine countries around the world. Nearly all of the bottles sampled, 93%, were found to contain microplastics inside, and while some bottles had none, others contained as many as 10,000 microparticles inside a single liter. Nestle said in a statement that after testing a range of its bottled water products for the presence of microplastics, the company found no proof of their existence “beyond a trace level.” The company went on to note the lack of evidence that microplastics have a harmful effect on human health.