Mighty Shadow Greatest Hits Mix

By | October 1, 2017

Mighty Shadow Greatest Hits Mix contains some of the greatest hits from the Mighty Shadow. My personal favourites are Stranger and Whop Cocoyea! Mr. Bailey came from the golden era of calypso and soca where their lyrics actually told a story. For many years, Shadow complained of unfair treatment from judges and frequently referred to them in songs e.g. “What’s Wrong With Me”. Hence, he is often referred to as the ” The Uncrowned King of Calypso.

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Mighty Shadow Greatest Hits Mix

Mighty Shadow Greatest Hits Mix

Track List.

Stranger – Shadow
Let’s Dance – Shadow
Doh Mix Meh Up – Shadow
What Yuh Come Here For – Shadow
Whop Cocoyea – Shadow
Bass Man – Shadow
Tan Tan – Shadow
Feeling the feeling – Shadow
Music – Shadow
I come out to play – Shadow
Garden want water – Shadow
Children Thing – Shadow
The Crown – Shadow
Trust Me – Shadow
Ah come out to party – Shadow
Yuh Looking For Horn – Shadow
D horner man – Shadow
Bacchanal time – Shadow
Pay De Devil – Shadow
Go Round So – Shadow
What’s Wrong With Me – Shadow
Jump Judges – Shadow

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Mighty Shadow Greatest Hits Mix

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