Sundar Popo Greatest Hits Mix

By | October 1, 2017

Sundar Popo Greatest Hits Mix recaps best songs from the father of chutney music, Sundarlal Popo Bahora (4 November 1943 – 2 May 2000) of Trinidad & Tobago.

Sundar Popo Greatest Hits Mix


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  1. Sundar Popo – Your Mothers Love
  2. Sundar Popo – Tears In My Eyes
  3. Sundar Popo – Don’t Fall In Love
  4. Sundar Popo – Jo Bho Lay Saya
  5. Sundar Popo – Naina Bandh
  6. Sundar Popo – Saas More Lage
  7. Sundar Popo – Phoolabasiya
  8. Sundar Popo – Cool Yourself (Sonny Mann)
  9. Sundar Popo – Dotishboy
  10. Stalin – SUNDAR POPO
  11. Sundar Popo – Spana She Want
  12. Sundar Popo – Khelo Jawani
  13. Sundar Popo – Pardesi
  14. Sundar Popo – Scorpion Sting Me
  15. Sundar Popo – Kaise Bani
  16. Sundar Popo – Raatiya May Dulha
  17. Sundar Popo – Ab Nah Jaibay
  18. Super Blue – Tribute To Sundar

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Sundar Popo Greatest Hits Mix

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